Nesting support

Does lightburn have some kind of Nesting support?
I don’t mean some specific software like Cutrite or Solidedge, just some simple kind.
Most of free nesting software use dxf, svg or png file, but I would like to know if there is any lbrn2 supporting nesting software.
Or could you suggest some idea, what program should I use to optimize my board usingness?

LightBurn currently has no built-in nesting capability.

There are 2 facilities within LightBurn that can help you with this.

  1. For simple nesting like behavior, you can use the Docking tools. This will force shapes closer together but only in specific directions.
    Docking Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation
  2. Use the externally linked Arrange->Nest Selected feature. This will facilitate sending your shapes to the online service for nesting.
    Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

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