Nesting... the next upgrade?

No update about Nesting? I saw a"long time ago" many asked for that option… Very good option… Please… ASAP… It will save a lot of time and money… no waiste material, no waiste time to arrange all shape we need to cut. For users don’t know what it is, it will arrange all the cut you have to do, for a miniamal material use… example it will arrange 10 differents shapes to cut on the smaller area about material possible… Thanks a lot for the job done until now…


The developers are working on it. It is a feature that a lot of users have requested and they know how bad we all want this feature.

Until it’s released use these two free online options

Or if you want to get a quick free 30 day use
There is this

After 30 days it’s $59 per month ouch ouch :persevere:


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Depending on the shapes, we do offer the Array tools that does a good job of layout. This might provide what you are looking for.

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Nesting is really hard. It’s not going to happen soon, but it is something we’re working on. Based on the complexity of the feature, it will probably be a paid add-on feature. It’s not something I want to do often, but the amount of difficulty for this warrants it.


I have used optimization and nesting for years in my former career in woodworking.
It’s not an easy task to pull off and depends on pretty complicated algorithms.
I second the idea to make it a paid add-on, hoping and suggest to offer a trial as well to check it out.
Keep up the good work and create the best software for laser…

Based on what the monthly fee of $59 that NestandCut charges I am more then willing to invest in your programming skills @LightBurn . It is definitely a feature that will pay for itself in a very short time. My time and/or materials costs saved will be a great return on investment.

I do like the NestandCut functionality.

Cheers and thank you


So i have VCarve Pro for my CNC Mill. I never use nesting, but this post made me curious how VCarve handles it. Let me just say, yikes. What an insurmountable task this could be to develop considering all of the scenarios to account for.

I’ll have to play with this in VCarve.

Wow. I just realized I can fit more pieces where I thought I had already maximized my material space. Awesome.

Before nesting this was my attempt to cut out these parts:

Experimenting with nesting, I see room for one more:

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I have a small kitchen. few weeks back when i started playing with nesting - the first thing that crossed my mind when i started cooking was how to nicely fit tightly all ingredients on my tiny kitchen’s countertop. not an easy task.

True story.

I know there is many free and paid 3rd party software… but… that is really better if we use only lightburn for nesting… Example i make AI file… ;with many different shape i want to cut… i don’t want extract them one by one then, use a nesting programm, then import into lightburn… and in case the material is not a new one… impossible to fit on the free area about material… We have a good tool : lightburn… So using camera i think it can detect free area about material and so… nesting on the free area is the best option. At now; lightburn provide a so good software… camera, and o much feature… it’s so strange can not add nesting… easily… when we see many website offer that free tool online or on a free software. Maybe ask them many help and share knowledge could be a good way? They provide nesting for free, so i think they will be agree for help lightburn team… It could be a free option… Thanks


Nesting within Lightburn is nice, but if i need to chose between nesting and making some order in how lightburn deals with cut layers - i vote for the latter. these days lightburn remembers previously used layers/color settings and when we load settings from archive their descriptions are not reflected in cut/layer window and so on. i also would like to see the cut settings side by side to their material item .

I just came across this it’s open source, haven’t tried it yet.

I’m going to try out I’ll post my thoughts when I try it.

Edit: just noticed the link was posted by Sasquatch above.

The problem is that the existing solutions that are free are web based, written poorly (and by that I mean the code is a mess), and in the wrong language. DeepNest and SVGNest, for example, are written by the same person, and the code is very similar. It’s also written in JavaScript, and not at all simple to translate to C++ in a way that will interface nicely with LightBurn, so it means a complete rewrite. I’m going to do this, but it will take a significant amount of time, and so does support, business, and life. :slight_smile:


@LightBurn you are appreciated and hopefully will be financially rewarded as a result so that you can live a better life.



Oh Sasquatch, not everything can be bought for money… :wink:

Not everything. But most things.

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yes, you’re probably right, but still … :wink:
:beer: - Skål

I’ve brainstormed nesting algorithms and even had a dream about a really good one. This reminds me of the traveling salesman algorithm challenge.