Network Access Disabled

Today I got a message that makes no sense when I try to send a file to my laser over the network. It says “a network error has occurred: Network access has been disabled.” I see nowhere in the software where I can disable the network. I have several access points available and all of those are up and functioning.

Well I certainly did not “disable” my network access in Lightburn or anywhere else in my system. Maybe not obvious but I am here over the Internet using Google Chrome.
Any idea why the Lightburn system would be telling me that? First time I have seen this message.

Lightburn is probably passing on to you the error it received from your OS when it attempted to send the file. Lightburn wouldn’t be doing this… something in your os or on your lan…

The console of the Ruida will tell you if it’s connected, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it can talk…

Good luck


Hello Jack,
Thanks for your response. Did not think to check the console during this problem but that could have been the base of the problem. Just seemed so strange since I had never seen that message anywhere in Windows and I have been using Windows ever since it was born. I guess that shows my age…LOL

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How many different descriptions of the same error is there…?

Generally when you program ‘under’ an OS, it doesn’t like you ‘directly’ connecting to hardware. It’s an undisputed security hole.

All you can do is call the appropriate system routines and if they fail, report the error if it’s ‘fatal’ for that operation.

I don’t know how Lightburn handles it, but that’s how it was handled in our larger systems, so it’s probably similar.

Might google it with Windows 10 as the os and see what it finds. I’m sure there are similar messages out there.

Good luck…


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