New 120 degree camera fisheye and alignment questions

Hello all. I have my 120 degree camera ready to go I think. I chose fisheye as the type and got the calibration completed and the alignment. I have 2 questions. Should my camera image still have a fisheye look to it?

The covers are laid out in the center of the bed and I still had to shift the x axis. Is this normal or should I try the calibration with the normal lens selected and align again?

Anyone have input on this?

The live camera view is uncorrected, so it’s normal for that to have fisheye distortion, yes.

When doing the calibration, make sure you’re using “Absolute Coords” mode (assuming Ruida). After running the alignment wizard you shouldn’t need to shift anything, though a tiny amount could be attributed to movement of the lid along the hinge line.

Do you have a lot of play in the lid? K40’s, for example, use a simple metal pin as their hinge, and have about 3mm to 5mm of left-to-right play in the lid. If yours is similar, you should shim it or add bushings so the lid is always in the same place - the camera needs to be in the same physical position relative to the bed when you calibrate it and when you use it.

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No play either way…I think I adjusted the focus just a tweak after running the calibration. I need to run that again…I am sure that will probably fix the small error.

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