New 254 mm lens for fiber

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Just bought new larger 254 mm lens. What do I do in the software to install the settings ?

This is worth review,

I have LIGHTBURN software this vid was for Ez Cad but thank you for replying.

For future readers: the doc on that page, below the video, describes the LightBurn settings equivalent to the EzCAD values and how to make adjustments as needed.

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There is a Lightburn function for this Laser Tools → Calibrate Lens … It’s similar to this video where they use CoreFile2 that comes with EZCad software as in this video by Laser Everything…

I haven’t used the Lightburn version, but I found it was worth getting EZCad to work on the spouses laptop to calibrate the lenses I have. Next time I will use the Lightburn tool…

It appears to be the same technique… it wasn’t in Lightburn when I got my Fiber, so the choices were, use the Chinese stuff or torture yourself with the manual way @ednisley posted.

Good luck :grimacing:


Thank you !

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