New 4K Camera is impossible to calibrate

I just bought a 4K camera from Lightburn. it appears in the menu as the WN-4K Camera. The machine has a size of 1300mm X 900mm.
After struggling for a whole day, I have come to the conclusion that this camera is impossible to calibrate. I have worked with many different light sources, set contrast and brightness up and down, have put a black blanket in the bottom of the laser machine, I have put in a wooden plate that covers the entire bottom of the laser machine and so on. Every time I try to take a picture, i get a completely different result.
The strange thing is that my first camera, which also comes from Lightburn, works absolutely fantastic. To make sure I do not do anything completely wrong, I have ab tested the camera by calibrating it three times and no problems. All captures is good and I’m be able to use the camera. This is a 5 megapixel 2592 x 1944 camera with a 160 degree lens.

Wow Tim, you have done a lot.

I’m still waiting for my camera but obviously like you I read a lot. :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:

Just a suggestion, did you switch between standard and custom in camera setup. Just a thought.

I’ll be reading and watching with interest and if I think of something I’ll chip in.

Hope it’s resolved soon, I’m sure it will be



Ah, how about a shorter USB. This camera is transferring a lot more information than the previous and anything standing in the way of the information transfer can throw a spanner/wrench, in the works

I have tested both settings, but with the same result.
A shorter USB cable may be the solution, but since the included USB cable is Custom, I can not test this.
Looking forward to an update from the Lightburn team.

Does a 4k camera need calibration? I have used 4k camera recorders and the lines seem straight, too me. No fisheye curved lines.

Hi Paul,

all cameras need calibration, not only for the appearance of the work area but more importantly for calibration of distances seen in the view.

The image you print with the dots for example is central to this. The dots are sized with a purpose and the relationship between dots also guides on relative distances.

When you go through the calibration process looking for as low scores as possible you are doing the groundwork for better accuracy afterwards so it’s well worth the time

I hope this helps

The alignment does the distances not the calibration.

Thank you :sunglasses:

Please share what the results have been. You have not shared what “a completely different result” means, exactly. :wink:

Coming up!

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