New 60W Chinese Laser, bad alignment when received

Hi everyone, I’m new here so just getting going but I thought I would post this as I have only just received my laser.
I have one of the Chinese Red and Black 60W with the Ruida board (I thought it was coming with the TopWisdom, so a plus there.) I unpacked it yesterday and set it up, I ran the “default” burn and could see that although it ran OK the lines were very thick, so assumed the focus was out. Today, after many attempts on changing the focal length plus uploading just a straight line, I could not get any better result.
Next step was to check pathway through the mirrors. I remember reading somewhere about making sure that the Tube was parallel to the X axis and after working out how to do that based on how the machine is built, I found that the laser tube in conjunction with the back of the unit was out by about 4mm from one end to the other. Without changing anything as yet I did a pulse check at the first mirror and I could also see that it was high and to one side.

So I guess my next step is to do a “complete” alignment but unfortunately seeing as this will take some time, it may now need to wait until tomorrow :frowning_face:


Welcome to the 1/20th cost hobby laser vs professional.

On the plus side, it’s a great way to learn about your machine. :slight_smile:

Thanks @rojhan, I expect problems when purchasing “cheaper” equipment.

As it turned out my plans changed for today, so I was able to go through a complete Laser alignment.

First off on looking at the tube, as I said, it was out of alignment with the X axis, so I spent some time and was able to get this back into alignment. My next step was to then do the first mirror, so seeing as the tube was out, so was the mirror. On doing that mirror, I proceeded to get them all done and so far I’m happy with the first test runs I have done.

I must admit, doing the re-alignmnet was something I wouldn’t want to do to often.

I’m sure there will be other issues I will find as I go along, but learning as I go. :smiley: