New 8mb camera stopped displaying image

Good afternoon,
Not sure if this is the correct process for hardware support?
I have been using new 8mb camera for a couple of weeks and today it stopped displaying an image.
It is detected OK in device manager (no errors) on 2 windows 10 ver.1909 PC’s but only get black screen.
Re-seated cable, no hub no extension connected.
No issues with a 2nd webcam.
Apart from camera issue I am loving Lightburn.

A couple questions:

  • Does it show up in the Camera application in Windows?
  • It’s Friday - did your computer run a Windows Update yesterday?
  • You say “No issues with a 2nd webcam” - do you mean from the camera window in LightBurn?

it does show in camera app and lightburn.
It failed before I updated windows.
2nd webcam does display in lightburn.

Also tried on a 3rd laptop, same issue

A replacement will be in the mail today.

Wow awesome, very much appreciated. Thank you

I received camera, very much appreciate the speedy shipping.
Strange issue, the camera works using the default camera app on 3 win 10 PC’s.
It does not work in lightburn? I uninstalled and reinstalled lightburn including deleting appdata folder.
Also, tried an older version of lightburn.
camera is listed in drop down menu but when selected nothing happens.

Be sure no other app, like default camera app Is runnig… It happens to me a couple of times

Yes I did, rebooted multiple times and run lightburn before camera app, but no go.

Check to make sure LightBurn is allowed to use the camera - Windows 10 has permissions that will disallow that.

Yep all good on permissions

I’m about 95% of the way to a full replacement of the capture library we use for Windows - I basically finished yesterday and have been testing and ironing out the last few issues today. I’d be curious to hear if it finds your camera - feel like trying the bleeding edge?

I live for the bleeding edge :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few more tests to run with this stuff, but I’m going to try to post a version for beta users tomorrow if I can. This code is going to need wide testing to make sure it doesn’t break for as many people as possible, and it’s getting too late to deploy it tonight.


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