New AtomStack A5 PRO 40W Laser Engraving Machine

Hello, I am super new to the laser engraving process. I recently bought the AtomStack A5 PRO 40W Laser Engraving Machine and have downloaded Lightburn to use for engraving.

Can anyone help this novice out with selecting the correct device to continue…


If you create manually:

  1. GRBL
  2. Serial/USB
  3. Pick your own name
  4. 410x400mm
  5. origin front-left
  6. Disable auto-home

Thank you. I really appreciate it. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them :slight_smile:

I also have the engraver moving around and looking like it is trying to engrave but nothing happens on the timber? Any help would be amazing.

First thing is to make sure that your focus is correct. Once you’ve done that there are really on 2 sets of controls available to you, power and speed. If you’re already at a high power, let’s say over 70%, then reduce speed until you see the material being marked. At that point you can experiment with combinations of speed and power to get you the look and quality you’re going for while try to reduce overall time.

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