New Center Finder

Is there any documentation on this new tool? Does it only work with circular objects? I can’t seem to find docs on how to use new features. Thanks!

If you start the tool, it steps you through what you need to do to make this work.

The intent of the tool is to help align your work to circular objects which is fairly common.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

If I miss to click on the jog position button, somehow can I check last center position? Or just start again?

Thanks to Wizards of Light YT channel, he shows center finder is perfect for finding the center of squares and also rectangles.
Just measuring 3 corner is enough. Good to know it.
Would be a good feature if it can show the measured 3 points. To see what is the angle of the rectangle. What is a good solution to fit the rectangle to the measured situation? Print and cut?

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