New computer won't load website

Have been using lightburn for about 2 months now on my old Dell laptop…Just other day purchased a new HP laptop windows 11…Whenever I click on website says it no longer exist or been permanently moved works on my phone and old computer but not the new one and it’s only website I seem to have issues with…I’m looking to download lightburn onto new computer but can’t get to the downloads…Already have a license key paid for…Any suggestions

I have no problems with windows 11. I wonder if it has to do with the security mode. I heard the new ones come with it enabled.

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While you’re sorting out the web access issue perhaps you could download the file on your working computer and transfer to the new computer with USB or network transfer. That would at least get you up and running.

You can download LightBurn from here: Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

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