New Control Panel with no preset settings

Thank you in advance for any advise.
I have Co2 100 W laser.
The pulse was firing but fine but when sending the job weak.
Consulted with Laguna sales that finally got me to technical support, suggest a new
tube. Mirror are in alignment so issues there.
Same problem… I downloaded the 14 updates for LightBurn. Now indicating out of orgin and the laser hit the side of the inner wall.

Since the tube seemed not to be the issue, we changed out the controller panel inside near the power supply. This held files, and the X,Y,X details among many other information. I now think I need to place the old one back and take note to the information and re-enter the details. “Hopefully it’s still there.” I really require on-site support…

I might first reach out to the nice folks at Laguna again, and request the correct controller settings file and process for recovery. This information is usually customized by the vendor (Laguna) for their specific machine configuration. This is not an uncommon request, we have seen this need arise due to users accidentally or inadvertently reset their controller setups and need to restore.

Recovery from the old module is a good backup plan. :slight_smile:

I think if you just plug the original Ruida in with it’s console, you can just download the vendor settings from the original…

I haven’t tried just power it up with a USB or Ethernet connection… that might work…

Be a good question for your support people, can you plug the Ruida, by itself into a 24V supply and either USB or Ethernet and talk to it?

Always — make and keep a backup of these settings for any machine… the best insurance policy…

It sounds like you are more inclined to fixing these than most… so …

If you can use a voltmeter, you can debug most similar problems. At least down to the controller, lps or tube.

1.) properly working tube
2.) clean and aligned optic
3.) proper focus

If they have these three, they work… :+1:

Good luck…


Great suggestions!
Thank you,

It’s been months since I have written in regarding our C02 100W laser.
As suggested I did receive assistance from Laguna for the settings and there was an issue with the control, which was also replaced recently . As well as new tube and power supply. “Not to be the the problem & no improvement”

With the new controller table functions returned and with an alignment was done with new mirrors & lens, the pulse was fine and good results.

Problem continues: The laser fire inconsistently, burns our cut test square &
fill letter S file, each corner is hot and sight cut line “broken not complete shape” along with the S isn’t clean & focus seem soft “but better” than before.

Any Suggestions - Is this LightBurn issues setting? Do I try reverting back to RDWorks, Or do I sell all the new parts etc and scap it… So very frustrated

You need to post a photo of what is going on. Seeing it and reading about it aren’t the same… A photo is worth many words compared to the English translation…

Did you get the proper vendor settings for the new controller?

Did you send the old controller back?

Did you make a backup of the vendor settings of the original controller?