New controller board. y axis steppers now go in opposite directions

got a new controller board because the laser was not working properly.
I have found though that the y axis has a problem in that as when the left stepper is going back the right one is going forward, and twisting the cross rail. They all seem to be plugged in correctly (they have fittings that won’t go in the wrong way).
What should I do?
A. is there a setting in lightburn to change it to reverse one side. (i have a feeling this is done on the controller board so maybe not possible)
B. is it ok if I reverse one of the 4 wire plugs going to the incorrect stepper.

Switch any two wires in a wire pair, and a stepper will go in the other direction. You won’t damage it if you reverse a plug.

It would be helpful to know what type of controller it is.

Its a manase as on the eleksmaker . Ive reversed the cable using a chocky block and now OK.

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