New Controller Suggestions

I am thinking about updating my controller. What controllers do you guys/gals recommend? I currently have two 6442G ruida’s.

You already have what I consider the best controller, at least for use with LightBurn. What features are you wanting that Ruida does not offer?


Other than needing a unit to control two tubes or a desire to have a numeric keypad on the controller board itself, I too, am wondering what you hope to achieve with an upgrade.
In case the real reason you are hoping to upgrade is a worn controller keypad on your current unit, replacements for those can be bought in the $30-ish range.

Make sure to do measurements for your current mounting hole and compare for any new controller you plan to buy. Different Ruida controllers utilize different mounting holes!

I was not aware that the ruida is considered the best out there at the current time. Did not know if I was behind on the times with regards to the ruida or the best controller. I have had both for a few years now. I have seen some lcd models out there.

You can upgrade your controller/panel.

I still use the RDLC320, what features am I missing out on?