New cut/score problems cropping up (9.22)

Not sure how to report this but I’ll start here. I’m a daily user of LB with Ruida on a Chinese Red/Black. We’ve run this same setup for over a year. The past few days I’m experiencing problems when I send a job directly from LB to the laser. The problem is random score and cut lines. Sometimes random stopping with controller lock-up, requiring a reset. The job can be 99% correct but have errors on the sheet when finished. We don’t engrave, so no feedback there. It seems that a controller reset and resend can result in a good cut. We’ve seen this on multiple files, so it’s not file specific.

This is a very difficult problem for us because we have interlocking pieces and small, random errors aren’t easy to catch. Of particular concern, we will be doing a long, expensive material run next week and we’re not confident the system is 100% reliable. Any feedback welcome.

We were running an unknown but fairly recent version prior to 9.21 and upgraded to 9.22 when the notice was sent. (We tend to upgrade when notified)

edit to add: We just had a failure and you can see the error/failing paths on the screen of the Ruida. So it’s not mechanical. Also, and error can happen in multiple places and the rest of the path be fine, so I don’t suspect any mechanical issues.

My very personal opinion and I have said it before, people with important jobs in order, do not update!
Or downgrade again to the working version you were happy with. Blaming Ligtburn for losing material or money is not fair when there is an alternative!

Not blaming anyone. Just asking the experts for best course of action.

The most productive way to solve a problem with lightburn will be to ascertain and document the error, report it and thus contribute to a solution. In the meantime, as I said, it’s great that there’s a working version left to be able to continue running its business.
It’s certainly not meant as an accusation against you, but meant as a reminder to all those who say “before update no: XXX everything was fine and now I’m losing money …” - take it easy and roll back your update, until there is a version fix.

One of the more significant changes in 9.21 / 9.22 was the move to temporary connections - Instead of opening a channel to the controller and closing it when you quit, it’s opened when a command or job is sent, then closed immediately after. This was tested for a decent chunk of time on a variety of hardware without trouble, but a few things popped up after the release that were of the “how the hell did that ever work” variety, hence the 9.22 release. That one has been mostly stable, but there have been a couple performance / throughput issues, which I’ve since found a fix for as well, but will be holding for testing and trying to be thorough before we go through all of this again.

All of the above issues are only present with Serial/USB - if you switch to packet mode, they should stop, and there’s another post with instructions for this here:

If you’re a regular user with complex jobs, would you consider being a beta tester (guinea pig) for the next release (using serial mode) to verify that this issue is actually fixed? My own tests have been good, but I don’t have a huge array of hardware, firmware versions, etc, so we do need wider testing.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll look at the packet instructions link in just a minute.

I would be happy to feedback as a Beta tester. My jobs are all sent via USB - 80% direct to cut, 20% sent to controller for repeated work. 90% of my work is laser cut/score. 10% is a large engraving job that we do as a special occurrence. LMK what info you need on my setup and I can get it for you. -Rich

I’ve added you to the beta group. I’m hoping to have a new build posted within the next couple days. I’m in the process of buying a new space, hiring another support person, doing my year-end taxes, catching up with the backlog of issues from the last release and a staff member out with an infected tooth, and a bout of insomnia thrown in just for fun. It’s been one of those weeks. :slight_smile:

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