(new design) ruida dsp compatible?


I am looking at upgrading to a larger laser. Currently have a K40 which gets used several hours a day and has thousands hours on it, but am excited to use better software and a larger laser. The new laser shows an (updated??) ruida controller and says it is compatible with lightburn, but before shelling out some cash I wanted to be sure this would work, and would be usable when delivered - not waiting on software updates. The controller does not look like those listed in the softeware purchase lists??

The ebay listing for the laser is here - Thanks in advance for any assistance!!

Preenex CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter 80W 35" ×24" Motorized Z Ruida w.Lightburn 767452137295 | eBay

It would help to know exactly which model number Ruida is inside there. We are aware of some smaller units that look like that, and they should work with LightBurn, but the concern is if this is some new model we have not seen yet, some (hopefully minor) level of dev work might need to take place for us to support it.

I’m pretty sure that’s a 6442 with a different panel layout, but it’d be easy enough to check with a debug log.

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