New DSP license ordered

So I just upgraded to the DSP license today plus another year of upgrades. My question is, do I need to install a different version of the software, or doe upgrading the license key tell the software that I now have access to the DSP controls in the software.

My next question is, I have the software on my office computer and I don’t have the laptop set up yet that I will use to connect directly to the machine. I would like for now to create files on the machine in my office, but it is not connected to the machine. How can I create DSP files for my new machine and save them to a flash drive while also being able to create g-code files for my diode laser with a different bed size?

The license determines functionality so no separate software download.

You can create any number of device profiles by going to “Devices” in Laser window. You select the “active” device by using the pulldown to the right of the Devices and Port fields that lists your device name in Laser window.

Depending on the laser profile selected you will get different save options.

Note that the machine origin setting in Device Settings actually affects the internal orientation of the designs. So a design created for one origin setting may appear mirrored when viewed with a device profile that has a different origin setting.

Thanks for the very detailed answer, that is exactly what I needed to know.

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