New DSP upgrade

So, I just got the 50W up and running.
Aligned, all the plug ins…
plug it into LB and am told that the Ruida needs a software license upgrade.
Did that. Got a ‘shipping’ notice, so figured it’s all good.

Still getting the DSP error.

How long does it usually take for the upgrade to hit my computer?
Or am I doing something wrong? There were no instructions with the email
about the upgrade.

50W China Made Laser
K40 China laser, too

Hi Ginny - The instructions are on the page you purchased from, here:

The important bit is this:

Note: This can take up to one business day for processing. You will receive an “order fulfilled” notification when we process the order, and LightBurn will take about 24 hours after that to sync with the server to see the change. You can make this happen immediately by doing the following:

  • Run LightBurn
  • Go to Help > License Management
  • Click “Deactivate”
  • Re-run LightBurn and enter your license key again

Thanks very much!

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