New feature for a future update?

Is it possible that in a future update you can have more “tabs” open with different projects? Now I can work on only one project at a time, but sometimes I’m making things that relate to each other but I want to keep in a different file. I don’t like the fact I have to keep saving my project, opening the other one, working in that project and when I want to go back, I have to do it over: save, open and work from there.

I’m also used to silhouette studio software and I really like it that on the top of the workspace, you have the tabs for the different projects you have opened.

Hope to hear from you.

Greets, Linda

It’s already on our list of features to add but we cannot provide an estimate of when it will be included at this time.

You can open multiple copies of LightBurn however, and work between them. Just click on the LightBurn Icon on your desktop to open a second, third, etc. copy of it.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work on my MacBook
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If I open it in Finder and right click → open, it will go to the already opened LightBurn. I can’t open a new one.

You’ll need to create a second copy of the LightBurn application in your Applications folder with a different name (like LightBurn2) and run that for the 2nd instance.

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