New Feature Request

It would be nice to be able to open, import lightburn files into the current document. Many times I have certain setups and change other parts of the image with files I have already created. Currently I have to save the file I am working on, open the file I want something out of and copy, go back to the original and paste it in…

It would be a great enhancement

If the requested feature is not implemented, a work-around is to use Edit, Settings and select File Settings.
Turn off “auto-launch files in running copy of Lightburn.” This will allow a second instance of Lightburn, providing a bit of convenience to closing and re-opening in the process you describe.

For best results to your request, visit the request feature site [Lightburn Feature Request] ( where others can vote on your feature and perhaps get it added to the list of goodies.

Have you tried just using Import? (hint: it works)

I feel like a dope! Thanks!

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