New features for Lightburn

Can we get a ruler added to the software, and maybe color rendering so the customer can more easily visualize their idea. If these are already in the works, please disregard.

Hi I’m new here so please be merciful on me if my post isn’t in it’s proper place.
I would gladly see a possibility of:

  1. [disable/enable showing a layer in edit window} at once for all layers.
  2. [enable/disable sending this layer to the laser] at once for al layers.

Maybe by making a Show and Output tabs a toggle ON/OFF button.
I’m asking for this as it would be a major upgrade for a workflow if one is working with multilayered files.
Now if I have 12 layers, I need to switch them on or off one by one, which is quite cumbersome.
Thanks for considering this idea.

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Gamepad JOG support would be nice, or at least JOG with keypresses…

Coming soon to a LightBurn near you: Coming soon: New Features in 0.9.21 - YouTube

Right-click the ‘Show’ column to expose Show, Hide and Invert for all layers at a time.

And the same right-click, on the ‘Output’ column.

And you can also just send what you select, if you choose ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ from the ‘Laser’ window.

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… I do not know this either. :roll_eyes:
By the way, very nice Youtube video regarding the news in the upcoming 0.9.21 :+1:

Have a look at this new video, the link starts mid-video at the part where we talk about a Ruler and shape measuring.

What do you mean by “color rendering”? Your laser doesn’t output color, so I’m confused by this request.

This already works with the Number pad (as long as NumLock is enabled).

This ‘JOG with keypress’ doesn’t work on Linux Mint and Xubuntu 20.04

Unfortunately, as you can read, Linux Mint is not in the inner circle of the “chosen ones”. And I fully accept Adam’s position, even though I find it very unfortunate.
In my humble experience, Ubuntu is far from as easy to access and usable as Mint for people coming from Windows or Mac.
But one thing is what “we” see on the user interface, a completely different thing is what programmers have to contend with under the surface of an OS.
Unfortunately, some of the issues you find under LightBurn related to Mint are not different under Ubuntu, i.e. the same issues but with a “not so user accessible” operating system.

The good thing is - LightBurn is still the best laser program on the market and the team behind LightBurn is working very hard to get us all satisfied.

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I knew this features should be somewhere there :slight_smile: Rightclick didn’t come to my mind. heheh
Thank you for pointing them out.

I use Xubuntu 20.04, just brought up Mint because someone else has the same problem on Mint.
Matter of fact i just tried it on Windows 7 64bit (in a VM) and while all the keys are working just like they do in Ubuntu, the JOG with numpad doesn’t.
I have a detailed description under the thread i opened specifically for the JOG with gamepad feature.

Being a programmer for over 30 years, this issue bothers me and want to nail it down. :slight_smile:

Hi I am a model builder who works in autocad. For 6 years I have used a GCC laser with printer drivers and lasered directly from autocad (ctrl + p). The advantage for us and our work is that in this way we can set which scale we want to laser in example 1: 200 and still work in real life scale. Looking at a new laser and new features and interested in your software.

My wishes are a direct link between autocad and lightburn Ctrl + p and send it ends up in the program with the scale you choose to send in. Alternatively the option to choose a scale on the laser bed inside the light burn to be 1: 150 or similar.


Another question from a newbie.
I know that there is a possibility to assign custom power to shape (objects), through Shape Properties window.
Is there a possibility to add a feature so I could assign custom speed to shapes?
Or maybe there is already such possibility, in that case please point me toward it.

There is no such feature, no.

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