New fiber laser coming today

I have a JPT fiber laser coming today, and I’m curious if I can just skip having EZCad? I did research the controller, and I’m pretty sure it’s one that will work with LightBurn. If I can use LB from the start, that would be quite beneficial, as I’m very experienced with it, and not at all with EZCad. Also, I don’t have any Windows computers, so I would have to build one of those too.

If it will work right out of the gate, then I can wait until LB for Fiber comes out in a couple weeks (I think). If not, I’ll buy another Win10 Key and get started on that.

Thank you - we use LB exclusively in our business, and have a couple licenses already. it’s absolutely stellar software.


If it’s an EZCad 2 based machine, it will work with the new LightBurn for Galvo when it’s released to the public, and there is no need to ever install EZCad. You’ll need the USB drive that comes with the machine when you do your LightBurn install, as you import a config file from there to set up the lens size, galvo config, etc. But that’s all you’ll need it for.

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Perfect, thank you. I did install ezcad so that I could test the laser and make sure everything worked. It’s been pretty impressive so far. - Well, the laser, not so much ezcad.

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