New firmware for rotary support

Just stumbled across this

Will lightburn “just work” with this? If not, feature addition request!

Apologies if this was already posted. Didn’t see it anywhere

Interesting. I do not see this firmware posted on Ruida’s controller firmware download area.

If this is a legitimate and working firmware that enables the U to be used for rotary support, I may explore this further. Keep in mind to really take advantage of this, an additional and dedicated stepper driver for U will need to be added to the machine.

I came across it from this reddit post if that helps give it any background. Seems like lightobject reached out/worked with them specifically to get this feature done

I already had to do a separate driver since my rotary stepper is lower amp rated, so I’m ready to go there. I might flash it tonight but I have no idea if it’d work without lightburn doing something special on its side.

Looking at the current rotary setup, U is not an axis option (which doesn’t surprise me since it would not have worked for rotary operation on our controllers).


Apparently Thunder Laser has had U Axis functionality with their controllers:

So I am curious if the “unlocked” Ruida 6445 is going to have that similar limitation (mutually exclusive usage of Y and U).

As far as whether or not LightBurn can or will work with the new U axis functionality on a firmware updated Ruida 6445, that’s a question for @LightBurn.

U / A are equivalent, but I haven’t had a chance to poke at this and figure out if there’s even a way to detect it from the software side, or if it’s even necessary. Since it’s a hard wired choice in the controller, not something the user can select, it might be more appropriate for me to hide the rotary axis choice completely for Ruida controllers.

It works with Lightburn and RDworks. The rotary axis is fully functional from the U port now. The U still functions with the moving keys, unlike it has done before.

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