New Galvo install and almost no power in beam

I have installed Lightburn for Galvo on my Cloudray 50 watt Raycus machine. I have it working, but can’t engrave. I can barely etch an image on aluminum, but nothing like it should be. Brand new machine, If I put paper under lens when it is engraving , it just about burns it. I tried raising & lowering to change focus, no help. I have power up to 100%… 65 yr old newby here, help!

What type aluminum? I use this website as a starting point.

5052 .125 sheet- I tried the deep engrave aluminum parameters, I was able to mark it!
Thanks, I think I’m on the right path. I keep going back to my CNC plasma cutter in terms of speed in engraving. I’m thinking I can engrave in 3 passes. I need new thoughts… Any idea on how to reverse the text? It looks correct, than engraves backwards!

I believe it is the reverse direction setting. I’ve never messed with it.
Check out this post.

That’s it, Thanks for the help!