New guy here 7 watt Jtech and 1000mm xcarve

Interested in lasering wood and tile and have been scouting the forum for learning

picked this because running same equipment
JVL Jan VanderLinden

J-Tech 7 watt laser
300 DPI Jarvis
Speed for all tiles is 60 IPM
The only thing that I changed is the power.
Critique welcome.
I started at 60% and went up in increments of 5% each (last one is 80%)

Had a question is was this 1 pass or in cut layers???
What do you use as process to clean up pics for wood and tile ???
Process for cut layers???
I played with cut layers but had better luck running 1 pass Shure i am doing it wrong.

How should you bring pic in process???
0210212027 0210212026
Some signs I Vcarved all reclaimed pallet wood 2nd pic was flute Bit. I have done over 150 Vcarved signs in 10 months
sorry no pics of lasering i will post some pics of all my mistakes in lasering and trials tonight’
Thanks group

Are the pictures to light? I have done a few at 265DPI 35 IPM and 100% power.

Thanks for your reply wayne1 I do not think so seems dark enough
I did just bring pictures into Lightburn and did only use jarvis just and newsprint trying to see what works not sure of dpi. I did write some test down. I will have to put some test pics on tomorrow was out clearing snow all day. I will be playing with my laser tomorrow ( I mean learning )

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I would like to post pic’s of all my mistakes but i don’t think the server is large enough :rofl:

Kris 1 so true but i finally got a few to post before my phone battery hit bottom
0218211402 0218211401a 0218211401 0218211408a 0218211408a 0218211407 0218211406 0218211408
0218211405 0218211404a 0218211403

And all that’s needed is a couple of tweeks.

1st done in lightburn-- dog ,Fireman hat ,Grandson petting dog , Me & wife in western pic

The rest marked demo my wife grandparents , Grandparents standing by church window, setting was sketch , And wife uncle holding big fish he caught these were done with with g code photo wizard
It worked for me great at 1st then i had to redownload it and now seems to burn allot now. Trying to figure out how to touch up pics there send to lightburn Gcode wizard saves files as GSW and i cannot find the ones i save unless i use gcode wizard.
I am pretty computer stupid !!!
I have— gcode wizard , Lightburn , And just purchased vectric vcarve desktop with laser module , and have easel pro for 5 more days but have easel, Thats why i purchased vectric software to run my x carve cnc.
Anyone no how to work these files from 1 to another ???
Please if you no how talk slow i am computer stupid!!!
Post a few more pics later

It’s free to use all you need to know is where your files are on the computer to upload, it’s pretty simple to use and it’ll convert ‘most’ files so they can be used in lightburn.
Go to the site and ‘choose files’ and click the drop down menu.
Select ‘from device’.
Browse until you find the folder where your files are and open it.
select the file you want to convert .
There is a choice of file types, bmp, jpeg, tiff and others.
and click one of those and ‘convert’
It takes a couple of seconds to convert and download.
you’ll find it in your downloads folder when it’s done.
Just drag and drop onto lightburn screen.
It is easier to do than to explain. :+1:

The ‘burning’, either turn down the power or put the speed up or both and just adjust slightly until you get what you’re wanting.
Just small tweaks each time, use scrap pieces until you get there. :+1:

Thanks guys i will try just finally just burnt and got my 1st tile to etch did in vcarve desktop just text :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

By the way i have had the laser since 12/04/2020
HAS ANY ONE had this issue with the lightburn software, When you move around the pop ups like move laser, laser console , library ETC ETC. They stretch out on me cannot get them back to the position i want . Actually had 1 go to top of screen and could not move it out of that position.
And i believe my laser test fire burns everything no matter how low i set it.
Going to adjust laser beam again with some black metal today

If you go into ‘window’ at the top of the drop down is the ‘reset to default layout’.
Think that’s what you’re looking for. :+1:

p.s If you want other tabs added just go to the ‘window’ menu again and select.

Thanks Kris 1 :smiley:
You have answered all i have asked so far and i thank you for your time :hourglass_flowing_sand: and support :grin:

I was playing around with the setting my focus started engraving Letters stopped raised the laser then started this alien laser etch and forgot to lower laser to 1/8" from project was up about a extra 1" or more. And this was the 1st one that came out pretty decent speed 50% -power 100% 254 dpi dither with 2.5 overscan0220211712 0220211711

we had short power outage and it did not finish the top this was around a 4x4 tile with flat white rustoleum i included the pic so you can see what i started with

Glad you got it sorted.
It’s quite often something simple, just a matter of knowing what :thinking:
The picture looking great, nice work :+1:

projects i did today DONE IN LIGHTBURN
1st on plywood painted white western scene
2nd is koal are cat that passed awhile back
The cat picture looks alot better in person is on 3/4 " thick oak pic is 7 inches high by around 5" wide
1 1/2 hours to do

Looking nice… :+1:
need to get back to my machine and get something done, no time just lately. :confused:

Thanks again
I am going to let this post close and start posting in finished creations unless i have more questions :grin: :smile: :smiley: :grinning:

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