New Gweike LC1390N proximity switches failing sometimes

We have a brand new GWEIKE LC1390N laser. Every time I turn the machine off and back on, the X, Y and Z axes are wrong. I have to reset them, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I figured out that when it works, the red light on the proximity switch blinks, but when it doesn’t work, I don’t see any light flash on the proximity switch, so I’m pretty sure that my proximity switches are just not reliable enough. I’m not sure if that’s due to them being connected wrong or if they just need to be replaced.

If the wiring needs to be connected differently, do you have any guidance on the right way?

If they need to be replaced, do you know where I could get replacements?

Many have very thin wires that stress and break over time. Replacements are available from ebay, lightobject, cloudray, etc. Look at the number on the sensor and start googling.

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Inductive switches, yeah? Start the head in the middle and hit ESC on the Ruida right after startup so it won’t crash the head.

Hold something metal to the inductive sensor and observe whether that LED turns on, and also if an LED on the Ruida control panel turns on. On mine it’s in the same area as where the X and Y motor outputs are, so the lower right corner region.

This can sort of help you narrow down whether it is a faulty sensor or wiring. It is most probably not the Ruida itself.

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Yes, they are Omron TL-Q5MC1-Z proximity switches. When I google that, “inductive sensor” comes up.

Yes to both of your other questions. When I put metal above the proximity switch, it lights up, and an LED lights up on the controller as well.

Just realized they sent a replacement Omron proximity switch in the toolbox, too. Nice!