New homing for AtomStack + extension kit + offline touch controller

I’ve had Atomstack P7 m40 last few months and was happy with and bought s10 Pro now.

With P7 m40 my homing x0.0 y0.0 was at the bottom left corner which was very helpful to do my measurements and easy to work on my projects.

With my s10 Pro and extension kit placed horizontal “homing” is bottom right corner.

How to move this homing position to my left bottom corner?

I know I need to move Y axis homing switch, also I have a plenty jst wire extension if nedded.

How to change settings in Lightburn for new homing?

Also how to make “touch screen controller” home button works correctly, moving to new “home”

in offline mode?

I have IT and DIY knowledge so I’m ok with modification.

Just to be clear, it’s not that homing is bottom-right. I assume homing is still bottom-left but that the machine has been rotated by 90 degrees counter clockwise. Meaning that “up” is actually going left in the photo. Can you confirm?

Actually you are right. It still has original homing.

In that case take a look at this page from @misken on this site. It’s made for Sculpfun but the approach should match your Atomstack fairly closely.

Look for “Change of the entire orientation of the laser (90°)”
Workspace extension kit - Diode Laser Wiki (

There have also been a few posts on this site that discuss how to do this.

One thing I’ll caution… most things assume you’re scanning along the X gantry in terms of acceleration/speeds. LightBurn defaults to 0 degree scanning as well so just be aware. You may need to make adjustments to your settings based on this. Speeds along the X gantry will typically be much faster due to the much lower mass involved in those movements.

That’s a great addition. I added this to the guide. :slight_smile: [I mentioned your profile, if you do not agree, let me know :slight_smile: ]

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