New laser LA-FF80W goes OFF on TTL signal


I have so far run my Neje 20w laser with the EleksMaker® ManaSE v3.2 board and the Neje test board… plus Lightburn.

Now I have a new laser here LA-FF80W should also be able to TTL but if I do on the test board to jump to TTL he laser goes OFF …

can someone tell me if it is the wrong controller ? is the neje testboard wrong for this? or whether the new laser LA-FF80W is operated differently

Make sure that the wiring for the cable between Neje adapter board correlate to the correct pins on the laser module. It’s very possible that the pinout from the laser module you had previously.

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hm I must look again… but for is all oky

here a video how it looks like with me

The video doesn’t show the pin assignments particularly on the laser module side.

Can you confirm all the other wiring is the same as your previous setup? I can’t tell from the video but does the board register that it’s getting PWM signal input?

The pins v12 / GND / PWM on the laser are connected in such a way that they are connected correctly on the Naja test board… you can almost not do anything wrong because the pins are labeled.

YES … everything is like the Naje 20w laser and it worked great …

With the eleksmaker mana se 3.2 controller I have a OHM resistor between TTL and GND because otherwise there were burn marks… this prevents that.

maybe must be gone ? with the new laser.

I think that the PWM signal arrives in test mode the laser works at 1% you can see on the video… I switch to TTL it goes OFF


It lases or doesn’t lase?

What do you mean jump to ttl?

Looks like it’s working to me… from the video…

Does the controller send the proper pwm…?

Did you get a manual with this?

@berainlb is looking for (and me) is the actual connections to the laser… Like this for my NEJE 40630 laser module.

Hoping it’s in your manual… I can’t seem to find a manual on-line…

Do you have documentation on what the buttons on your interface board does? I would think when you press the button, it’s goes into manual mode.


Let’s assume this is good then for the moment.

I don’t see why this would have been necessary. What burn marks were you getting? Is this between traversal moves?

Seems like to me this may have just been attenuating the signal but not clear.

I think for sure worth trying. Or at least sorting out the root cause for why that was necessary to begin with.

It was hard to make out what was happening in the video. So you’re saying that the laser was firing at 1% manual pwm? But turned off when switched to TTL mode? That would definitely imply that the input TTL signal is not to the laser’s liking.

What firmware do you have loaded on the controller?

He needs to break out the voltmeter and measure the pwm… it will be right or wrong… simple.


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I just do not get to continue … am too finished from work … but can I connect the 12v to the laser directly from the travo ? to see if it works?

im fix the problem… more amper and better kabel 2mm daimeter

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