New Laser not connecting to LIghtburn

I have a new Omtech 60w laser that is not connecting to Lightburn. I’ve used LIghtburn in the past with other lasers. My USB cord that came with the laser is in the spot that says “USB to PC” and the other end is in my laptop USP port. When I click “Find My Laser” it is not finding the Omtech. When I click “Create Manually” neither an Omtech or Ruida is listed for me to select. When I go to Devise Manager it shows under “other devices” something called FT245R USB FIFO but it says the driver is not installed. I cannot find a driver to download. Not sure if I even need to be doing this or what step I may have missed to connect my laser. Would anyone have any suggestions for me please? Thank you all so much!

Were the other lasers you connected to LightBurn GRBL / G-code based devices or DSP devices? If the Omtech or Ruida option is not available you may not have the DSP licence required for the larger engravers and cutters. You can upgrade to the DSP licence without buying a whole new licence if that’s what’s needed.

You may require the FTDI driver but I’m leaning more toward the licence - Can you connect to the Omtech device with the software that came with it?

Thank you so much! Couple last questions. It sounds like I need to upgrade Lightburn to DSP. If I upgrade my software from g-code to DSP, will I be able to use it on my Ortur which is g-code? We also have a Shapeoko CNC that we use Lightburn on and assume this is also g-code. Thank you again!

yes, the g-code license is the minimum. The DSP upgrade retains all g-code functionality as well.

Do I need to purchase a full license to switch to DSP? I assume that if I just “renew” my previous license that it still will not work.

If you’ve got a current GRBL licence and are receiving updates I believe you can get the DSP upgrade by itself and I believe that it will be eligible for updates until your current licence expires.

If you buy just the upgrade I don’t think you get the whole year.

I think the best way is update then renew but since I’m not 100% on that, you should probably email and confirm that you don’t yet have the DSP licence and that you’d like to get the Ruida up and running.

If you have a computer you’ve never used LightBurn on before I believe that you can start a 30 day free trial for your DSP machine. That might be worth a shot.

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