New laser with a trocen as comtroller

Hello all, I have a Neje 20w, and an Ortur 15w that I have been running lightburn on for some time and love it, I just purchased a large Chinese CO2 laser (china) red and black 80w that has a Trocen controller, lightburn page says it works with my AWS board but my question is do I need the upgraded $80 license lightburn or will my current lower priced license run the new laser also? It is a dsp I think (new to co2 lasers)… also if I may, do I need to download the project to the laser to work (if it works on the laser of course) or can I use it as I do my diode lasers. Thanks in advance…

i think license is for pc use, not for lasers, you can use as many lasers as you want connected to LB, and license will remain the same.

There is a difference between the Gcode license and DSP license. If you have only the Gcode I believe you will have to upgrade to run a DSP controller.

You can run Lightburn on 2 computers, although they are forgiving about that under certain circumstances. I don’t think they are concerned on how many lasers you have in your garage.

Most DSP controllers require a license. DSPs are a different animal,you’ll have to used to how they operate. Very superior to the grbl you’re used to. I’m sure you’ll pick it up.

Yes, you can upload your ‘project’ to the machine ‘Send’ or ‘Start’ it from Lightburn. Unlike a grbl machine, I don’t think you can stop it once it’s running.

You can use everything you created for the LED with the co2, but I don’t think it modifies your layers in any way when you load it. So all the settings for the cut would have to be manually changed… I ASSume… :grin:


It’s my understanding that Lightburn comes in two versions: G-code and DSP. The DSP version is twice as expensive. I have a Cohesion 3D that is a G-code so I have the less expensive version. My understand is that you can’t cross over but you can setup for multiple lasers of each type in the version you are running.

There are two versions - GCode, for hobby / diode systems, and DSP, for entry-level industrial controllers, like the Trocen, Ruida, and TopWisdom. If you want to make sure that the software will work with the new laser, do the following:

  • Go to Help > License Management
  • Click the Deactivate button
  • Restart LightBurn
  • Click ‘Extend Trial’
  • Email the Trial ID to

We can extend / reset your trial so you can try it on the new controller before committing to the upgrade. Alternately, if you just purchase the GCode to DSP upgrade, and don’t like it, we’ll refund you for it and drop you back to a GCode license.

You can use the DSP version to drive both lasers (just not from the same instance of LightBurn at the same time). You can easily switch between different lasers - they’re just different devices in the program that you can choose between.

Ok so your saying I can upgrade to a dsp license and that will run both the ortur diode laser and the new dsp co2 laser? What is the cost to upgrade? I just went older my year and purchased a new year about 2 weeks ago.

Hi Chuck, yes you can run both of your machines with the DSP licence.
I believe they will upgrade your license less the cost of the one you just paid for.

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The upgrade is here: LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license
You enter your existing license and pay the price difference between the two keys, and then your GCode license becomes a DSP license, and yes, it will run both machines. (This is independent of the renewal)

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Ok great thanks brother, will do it tomorrow, I was going to do the go back to the trial to check the 80w co2 but since all I need to pay is difference between mine now and dsp I’ll go ahead and make the change. Really appreciate ya

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