New layer and laser power

hey again.
im trying to copy paste same picture from workspace, but it counts as same layer - how to copy paste it as NEW layer?
second question - is there any option for laser minimum power or delay before laser burn? if my low power laser moving fast, so time to laser start to burn, before every burn, is making engravings a bit blurry… so i need it to have min power (all time on, but while it fast move (travel) it not burn, on low power) or pause before burn…

Select the object in question and then select a new layer at the bottom of the application.

I’m not following what’s actually happening and why minimum power or delay would help. Can you take a photo of what you’re seeing with any additional notes about what’s happening?

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indeed. for some reason bottom part of window, on my 15" laptop wasnt visible, till i not realigned window.

to laser diode diode turn on (start to burn) require some milliseconds, its not industrial laser some sort, but cheap 500mW engraver, attached to 3dp printer hotend. so when you engraving some small picture - laser going to turn on and off many times in second and that delay recommended.

For Line operations you might be able to use “Start pause time” under the Advanced tab in the Cut setting to hack a solution.

If you’re seeing the issue on Fill operations it may be enough to use “Offset scanning adjustment” in Device Settings as it’s meant to address delays in activation.

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im engraving image, not vector. also its dithered.
so scanning means engraving in software?

That’s right. If you’re dealing with images offset scanning adjustment may work for you. But hard to say without a photo.

btw, im trying to copy paste already existing image from workspace, but it paste it to same layer… while i needed to be it on new one…

I’m not aware of a way of being able to paste directly into another layer. So the process is to paste and reassign to layer that you want.

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i cant reassign it. i copy paste, its on same layer, then press another color layer, but its still on same layer

Are you selecting the object to be reassigned before clicking the layer?

i figured. i was selecting it, but i need to reclick all and it worked. sorry for trouble and ty for help

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