New lens install

I am getting (shapes are crossing the edge of the machine workspace) when installing a new 70mm lens using the 9-point correction. it will not go past that point?

Did you find the proper focus for the new lens?

This lens has a very small depth of field (focus)… It’s less than 1 mm if I remember correctly.


There is a bug in the current versions that causes that issue. If you go into Edit/Settings and turn on “Ignore out-of-bound shapes if possible” I believe that will fix it.


that got it thanks.
my circle is coming out egg shaped. a 20mm circle is 19 x 26?

Have you done the 9 point correction process yet? That’s what it does, is calibrate the lens so it works properly. From there, I’d recommend sending a support request to I’ve never actually had to do a lens correction, as I had well tuned markcfg7 files for all of my lenses when I purchased my machine.

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