New lens to my Daja S4

I’m all brand new to laser engraving, and have a question about upgrading my lens from my current 150x150 to a 300x300.
I have tried to ask the seller, but all I get back is “no 300 lens”. But I never got an answer on, if it’s course my machine can’t work with a such lens, or if it’s course the seller don’t have a 300lens.

My laser is a Daja S4 with a 150x150 lens (F-Theta Lens Sl-1064-150-210)

My hope is that some one in here, who have more knowledge on such things, that I have can help me :slight_smile:

J. Rex Kancaie

Reference your lenses by the typical nomenclature… That is an F210mm… it’s coverage is not 210 square… they probably misunderstood you…

My 300x300mm is an F420mm.

Is your column high enough for an F420mm? Mines about 420mm above the table… this could be a reason…

Here’s a picture of mine with the F254mm lens… if you look at the column, it has to go up to the next marker on the column… which is the F420mm position.

Is this yours?

Compare the column height… seems a bit short to support a 300mm area.

It also states in the specifications

Carving area: 11 x 11cm / 15 x 15cm / 20 x 20cm

So I doubt it will support a 300mm square area.

Just speculating…


@jkwilborn I guess you’re right. My laser isn’t that high, though I could make a higher column if I wanted to.
Must be why the seller, answered no 300x300.

I bought my laser here:
But looks like it’s the same, as the one you posted a link to.

Guess I must live with the 150x150 and buy a 200x200.

Thanks for the answer.

J. Rex Kancaie

I’ve had a couple thoughts I’d put forward on this after the little gray cells worked on it for a while…

There are a few things that need to be looked at, but I think if you could extend your column it would probably work with longer lenses.

The other problem is you would have to create a table that is large enough for the longer lens.

The only problem here is that the table might not be able to move far enough to be centered vertically to under the head because of the column. Or a 300x300mm outline may hit the column.

On mine, the housing that follows the Z axes is mounted with a symmetrical hole pattern, so I can rotate it 180 deg and hang it off the table… focus is a pain and it’s tough to get it all squared up.

Just a thought…

Does this make any sense?


Yeah, guess that there would be too much work in upgrading to 300x300.
Asked the seller, what they wanted for a 200x200 lens. They answered $120, but for me only $100 I don’t know if that’s cheep? This seller: have the lens at 2/3 of that, but knowing next to nothing about lasers, I don’t know if there is a standard, for the lenses so the cheep one, would fit my laser with out problem.?

J. Rex Kancaie

I think these galvo heads are the same and use the same lens mount.

I get mine from Cloud Ray for around $60 US. They only become expensive when you have power > 100W… they go up about 8 times… :face_vomiting:

Every lens needs to be calibrated… If you run Windows, I’d suggest the EZCad2 executable CoreFile2

Good luck


Thx. Ill look into it :smile:

J. Rex Kancaie