New libraries in New version

No, only the color. Whatever settings are assigned to those colors when you pull the art back in is what will be attached to them. The Art Library is intended for clipart and commonly used graphics. If you want to store whole files, complete with all settings, just save project files.

Ok, I see now. Guess I have been pretty consistent with my colors and settings because all of them I opened came out with the correct settings. However, I just created something new and purposely set the wrong speed and power to a color I use often. Sure enough, now when I open a previous art library image, it is now at thee same power and speed as what I saved the last project as. Good to know.
I do save each project file that I create so all is good. It is good to have the art library as quick entry into a project and also as a great visual to see all at one time.
Guess one day I need to figure out how to use the material library as well.
Keep up the good work and Thanks again.

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