New License and Three year renewal at the same time?

I would like to know if I could purchase a new license and 36 month renewal at the same time?
It would be cost effective for me to purchase what amounts to a four year License for $170 at signup. I would not need to think about renewal every year.

Our systems are automated and work as follows, so it would have to be 2 separate orders.

Order a license key.
It will be delivered to you by email within 5 minutes.

Order a (or multiple qty of) renewal. You will need to enter your key on the renewal product page.
This will be manually processed within 24 hours and the additional time will be applied to your original key.

Whether you order the renewal the day you get your license key or however much time after, you will have the same amount of time of updates available to you.

I take it you’ve already played with LightBurn and decided you like it?

Yes I like it very much
I understand the renewal process and absolutely agree with the way it works.
Thanks for a great product and outstanding support. I have 13 days left on my trial and will get a license and the three year renewal at that time

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