New Lightburn 5MP 160 camera install- laser prints wrong location and font size

New install- Boss Laser 1420
Problem: The laser printed near the area but was off and the font size was too small.

Camera placement:

  • 25" above deck
  • attached to the center of my lid (inside with lid open)

Steps I took:

  • Calibrated camera lens and alignment with great results on captures
  • I placed a paint brush on the deck
  • I selected update overlay
  • I aligned the logo to print on a paint brush ( for testing).
  • Frame was off
  • Printed anyway and the laser went to the frame location and the font size was much smaller that I saw on the update overlay capture.

Generally this happens when you re-use an existing alignment pattern. When you did the camera alignment markers, did you try it, then go back and redo it later in attempt to get it more accurate, but re-using the first set of markers? If you scaled it up the first time, and forgot to set the scale the second time, that would do it.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I did reuse the 1st laser printed markers. I just completed the alignment and reprinted the 4 markers
and now the font and location is really close. Markers 1 & 2 are very clear and 3 & 4 are a little blurry, not bad, but I was able to + the center of each.
The camera is in dead center… should I calibrate the lens again to get 3 & 4 more clear?

Check that the camera itself is focused well - If you run the Microsoft camera app full screen and look through the LightBurn camera there, it’ll be easier to do. (Make sure you un-select the camera in LightBurn so the other app can access it)

I am good to go… Thanks for your help and suggestions. The camera is now securely mounted. Both calibrations are completed. No fisheye look now. I selected standard lens instead of fisheye and it did so much better.

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