New logo/stamp/signature using LightBurn

the other night, through my insomnia hours, I was looking for a way to identify the work I’m doing with the new tool (laser cutter/engraver).

my signature/logo will go on everything I do, rather on the front or on the back. created two possible versions, one just the outline and one filled in black:


Filled in looks nice.

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The filled version is more effective. How big will it be? If it’s small you might be best doing it with just a light cut line - meaning one line in the middle, ending up looking like the filled version because of the laser thickness. Just a thought.

Also, if you removed the left angle part of the V that goes through at the back of the J (where they cross over) it would make it more clear. Cheers.

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I like the black best, and at the same time I think Mr. Steve K. is right about removing part of the “V”.
It also looks good.