New machine, change of power

This is a brand new machine Atezr L2-24W, I just had a couple of hours of testing when suddenly I noticed a change in power, and I re-ran a previous material test. This time there is no cut, only engraving on the same 4mm plywood.
The vendor is not answering my email, not even confirming reception. The only suggestion I found online is to clean the lens.
Here are the pictures and my machine settings. I would appreciate any suggestions

$1=25 $2=0 $3=7 $4=0 $5=0 $6=0 $10=1 $11=0.010 $12=0.002
$13=0 $20=0 $21=1 $22=1 $23=3 $24=200.000 $25=2000.000
$26=250 $27=4.000 $30=1000 $31=0 $32=1 $33=1 $34=10
$100=100.000 $101=100.000 $102=3200.000 $110=50000.000
$111=50000.000 $112=200.000 $120=4000.000 $121=1000.000
$122=100.000 $130=410.000 $131=410.000 $132=40.000
$140=30000.000 $141=20000.000 $142=200.000 $143=2000.000
$144=1000.000 $145=100.000 $150=6000.000 $151=6000.000
$152=200.000 $153=1000.000 $154=500.000 $155=100.000

For me, it does not look like the same material, if it is a plywood, be aware that there are as many variations as there is a supplier and some materials just are not suitable for cutting with a laser.

Thanks, the material is exactly the same, different color because is the backside. I don’t have another kind of plywood. I cut a 10" circle on the same day of the first material test without any problem.

The poor siluet and the number 12 are my fault!

If you did a small test with parameters you could easily cut your discs with, on the same piece of material from your test setup photo, on the same side, how does it look?
It is simply to exclude material difference. If it still can’t cut normally, then troubleshooting the machine should begin.
There are not many parameters that must be met for continuous normal operation of a laser, power, time/speed, focus and material. If one of the parameters is changed, the result changes.
(I expect cooling of the laser itself and compressed air support to be fulfilled)

Is this an auto focus laser? I believe, but may be wrong, it’s pretty much the same as Ikier. I’ve had alot of issues with auto focus that I’m just realizing. Even if using the same piece of wood, after initial job is complete make sure to rehome and reset the z axis. For me it seems the z axis moves and focus is lost making all the difference between clean cut and overburning with no cut.

Here is the comparison material test. The “now” pictures use exactly the same material as “before”. If there is some color difference is only for illumination or phone use. I use your air suggestion, Since this is new for me, I’m using autofocus and double-checking with the ruler provided, thanks

Yes, it’s autofocus but everytime I’m using the manual focus to verify. So far the autofocus is correct, thanks for noting it

It looks like your diode has lost its power, it’s only an unqualified guess.
Sorry, but when everything “is like it usually is” I have no idea what the problem could be.

I am sorry for not knowing and being too busy right now to look up specs, but is this a duel wattage laser? In other words a 12 and 24 watt? It almost seems like the wattage dropped on 2nd test. For cutting, you definetely need the air assist on. And if it was turned off for 2nd test, it may account for some difference, but probably not that much. The 1st test has some noticable over burn, which again leads me to suggest a not optimal focus length. Even a mm can make a huge difference.

Also, are you using a honeycomb bed or some other elevated bed for each of these tests? It wouldn’t make a difference in the two tests as long as they were done the same, but please elevate the honeycomb to provide airflow underneath. It is a possible ‘explosion’ hazzard if gasses are trapped between the honeycomb and wasteboard and ignite. I just mention this because you say you are new to this. It won’t help this particular problem. Sorry. Please keep us posted on progress and, while no way an expert, I will keep thinking of possible reasons.

Thank you for your help, Brad. This is a 24-watt laser only, not dual. The multimeter reads 24.3 volts out of the power supply without a load ( I know this doesn’t prove the PS is OK). The air assist was turned on for the second test only, I didn’t know how to turn it on for the first LB material test. The focus was right on in both tests. Also, the material was flat and pinned down with magnet bars.
I was using the honeycomb for both tests. Actually, I bought a bundle they offered including the enclosure and honeycomb, but I received a mini-honeycomb (250x250mm instead of 400x400mm). Atezr is mute, they are not responding to my emails and chat, cero customer service.
Today I have to use 100mm/min with 100% power to cut 3mm baltic-birch with 2 passes dropping the Z axis 1.3 mm at the second pass. The fill engraving at 3500/65 did not burn almost nothing.
Again, I thank you the nice people in this forum for trying to help me.

That is an extreme cutting setting for a 24 watt. Especially when you are dropping the z axis between cuts. You really might have a defective laser head. Keep sending e-mails and cc yourself, without opening them, to attempt to prove you were contacting them within the warranty period. Unfortunately, almost all diode lasers are made in China, in the same Province, and quite likely in only a few different factories.I’ve noticed some pretty glaring discrepencies in their Amazon listing.I also am having issues with my Ikier 24/48 watt laser and am starting to think it might be a firmware issue. I’m just not sure. It really seems hit or miss on these lasers, and I am more than sure that the ones given to youtubers to test have a bit more quality control than the average person will recieve.

Please try this though, simply it’s because of my biggest issue. Do a rectangle of say .125 “x 2”, a hexagon of 4 mm, a filled square of 10 mill. Write or save these settings down, either in LB or a notebook. Try again…autofocus laser 2 times. One initial, and then move the laser via LB just one or two jogs and autofocus 2 times . The macro command is [ESP 500] for autofocus. I can almost guarantee it will work as expected on 2nd try. I am now pretty sure it’s a mis communication issue. But again…not an expert not sure. Make sure you check the console when a job is running. If it says maximum lines exceeded and does weird things, it is not LB having an issue, it’s their firmware. Imo anyway. I get these random errors for no reason, then can run 20 instances with no problems.

Thanks for your response. I am sorry I couldn’t try your test because I have packed the machine, ready to return it.