New machine for tiny details

Hello everyone!

New to engraving and I am looking to get a machine for my projects. At the moment I am looking for a machine that is capable of doing clean engravings on a painted surface.

The surface consists of plastic which has 1 layer of paint (about 1 mil ~ 0,025mm thick). The objective is to engrave in and remove the paint without damaging the plastic behind.

My images are about 12mm in size and the smallest details are straight lines about 0.15mm thick.

The starting point of the engraving is also important, i need to be able to center the image close to perfectly.

My budget is not huge, can I find a machine able to do this job under 1000$?


Didn’t you ask this question in a different post?

That’s unhelpful.

No, my other post was about orturs machine, I am now asking about other :slight_smile: