New member, new laser, question about milliamp meter

My laser is over 3 weeks late from it’s promised delivery date. Maybe being delivered tomorrow. I have spent a month watching videos, tutorials, buying materials to laser, LightBurn software and a LightBurn camera.

I understand the importance of an milliamp meter. But every video I have watched seems to be from someone installing a meter on a machine that is a lower power rating than the one I have purchased.

I have a 180w (peak) RECI 8 tube. Somewhere during my research on this machine I believe I saw that it stated there was an “agreed” power rating… The listing has since been changed, price increased by $500.00. I can’t find anything stating the “agreed” (max) power anymore.

Are there different size meters? I’ve seen 30 and 50. Is a 50 going to be a large enough meter for this machine?

Thank you

I’m sure if you go to the RECI website you can find the maximum rated current for your tube. Get a meter that is comfortably more than that. I imagine 0-50mA is plenty.

A Reci tube will be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity stating the Agreement Power. Agreement power on a Reci tube indicates the rated power that the tube will be marketed at (signifying the tube can output this level without being driven beyond the recommended upper range of current for the tube series).

You should not drive your W8 Reci tube beyond 28mA. A 30mA meter will suffice.


I highly recommend you calibrate your laser PSU when you get your machine operating.

CO2 Laser Tube - Model W Instruction Manual

Thank you both for the helpful information. An ammeter has been ordered and will be installed as soon as I get the machine running.

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