New Monport CO2 80W laser not working - has anyone seen this?

Hello again

An unfortunate occurence happened 2 weeks ago with my Monport CO2 80W laser that needed for me to purchase a replacement laser. I have no time to learn another brand so I purchased another hoping the horrible tech support had improved. Laser arrived fine - turned on no engraving. Thought I needed alignment so did one. This time got something but it was bizarre. View video: and
Second one is last one to be made with normal settings I use to use and was showing on laser PS. Cutting was 14mA which is normally 19 or 20mA
So stuck again dealing with people in China wasting a whole week of sending videos and now they are sending new tube (I think they are guessing). While I’m waiting for the tube – I thought I would see if anyone has any thoughts or seen this before??

Also any opinion to if I should demand a new laser? I think when you buy a piece of equipment like this you should be able to turn on and start using. NOT try troubleshooting and installing new parts. I have put a dispute in to the credit card company saying they should be paid until I have a working machine. I was sold a lemon and think I should be compensated with a new one. If it is the tube why would it do this right out of the box - after it’s supposedly checked before shipping?? Wonder if something else is making the tube malfunction and a new tube is installed only for it to happen again? I’m so confused. Your opinions would help greatly Thank you!!


There is no access permitted to me on the 2nd link.

I know you know what you programmed it to do, but we don’t. That makes the first video, rather useless…

I will venture a guess that you have a filled circle then cut it out?

When you did the alignment, did you check the TEM mode or resonance of the tubes output? Here is a recent thread were I tried to explain it a little bit… May have to back up a couple of conversations to follow.

If the tube is not operating in TEM00 mode, then it will never work correctly and the vendor should replace it.

Didn’t we see you with another issue not so long ago?

If you have questions sing out…