New Monport Laser is Down again

Back here again with ANOTHER issue of my Monport 80W CO2 laser. I feel this is the same issue that happened last year with the previous machine. I think they have a serious problem if 2 machines have a similiar issue. The machine stopped engraving and the message went to the SYSTEM RESET then it went to Calculating then had ESC or ENTER - don’t remember what I pushed but moved it and then went shut off in the laser engraving chamber - No LED side lights - gantry off - not homing/DEAD. But rest of machine is on - see pic. Did try a couple things one being what happened last year. We went to the controller and try to find a brown wire for the Auto Focus. This is was the problem last time and had to be cut and machine was fine. But before that was discovered while we were battling with a WATER error message, We ended up disconnecting that as well and that machine was working fine. NOW THIS LASER has different wiring than the old one and we have no idea which wire it is now, We see 3 brown wires all connected into one hole which is now makes this a problem. So we UNPLUGGED the green module (3rd one down in the photo) that those are inserted into and we got things to come on - The LED lights came on and gantry moved but slammed against the wall - didn’t home. So does that mean something is wrong in that module that is preventing the machine to come on in the engraving chamber? Monport noticed that the Z axis driver light isn’t on and thinks that the Z driver might be bad. But why did I get that stupid WATER ERROR message and got something to move when that module /plug was removed

ONE other thing - I would like people’s opinion. Should I demand a new laser because it was defective when it first arrived. They sent a new tube but still isn’t quite right and now this (which took a year to show up in my old laser)
– all in a month and half. I feel I have a real lemon.

Thank for any thing you can provide – I’m really stuck and have a huge order that needs to started ASAP!!

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I’d start the wheels rolling to request a refund and buy something that works. Two machines in a row is pretty bad…


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