New, Need Help!

I am new to LightBurn. I purchased a DIY laser off of Amazon. I do not know what board is in it. I don’t know how to get it to work with LightBurn. Can anyone help me?

consider to post a photo of the control panel or open the side door and take a photo of the controller bay. Depending on the model of your laser, you may be able to see the name and model of the controller. Your request does not contain enough information to answer your questions.

It doesn’t provide any information on the screen or elsewhere on the device.

I looked at the Amazon description. It said the manufacturer was GanGou.

Photos have been uploaded.

Found other info. CNC Pro

Amazon questions and answers have two “I don’t know” when LightBurn question was posed, and one “NOPE” for the same question. I scrolled through only 20 of the 33 pages of Q and As to determine that it’s unlikely you can use LightBurn for this machine.

If you can connect it via USB to your computer and a device appears in your device manager, you have a slight chance you can make it work, but from my limited reading you can’t connect this to a PC. I could be incorrect about that, but it’s the only option remaining other than the bundled software.

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