New OMTech 80W Laser, Cant Connect to Lightburn

Hey Guys, i’ve just received my new OMTech Laser. It’s an 80W Co2 with Ruida Controller.

Actually, i cant really tell you which controller it it, because i’m still playing around with the menu and all the Stuff which is a little confusing at all right now.

I’ve just bought the DSP Licence Key and activated my Lightburn Version (Latest Version).

I installed the FTDI and my Device Manager says everything is working perfectly. Its connected to Port COM5.

Lightburn recognizes the COM5 but cant find my laser. It says Waiting for connection.

The USB-Cable is for sure plugged in to the Laser USB Plug which says USB to PC.

The Laser is turned on.

@LightBurn any help please?

We’ve had some communication issues with the latest release. I’m about to release 0.9.23, which will hopefully address all of this. If you’re still having trouble with it after that, install 0.9.20 from the release archive (linked at the bottom of our download page), and follow up here so we know.

@LightBurn TY for the response.

Nevermind. The 0.9.20 fixed the issue. The Laser wasnt found automatically so i added it through “Create Manually” and found the Ruida Controller which was now available.

Thank You :slight_smile:

BTW: When exactly will the 0.9.23 be released?

We normally do not provide date-certain release information. This is software and stuff occurs. The release Oz mentions is imminent, but the best we usually offer is, “soon-ish”, when we get close to releasing. :wink:

In this case, I actually meant pretty much “right now” - I’m typing up the release notes as we speak.


Well, Oz can say what he wants, when he wants, so yes, what he said. Privilege of being the guy who started all this LightBurn fun! :wink:

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This topic is still recent, and it is one of the top google results for ‘omtech lightburn usb not detected’ so I will go ahead and put my fix here in case anyone else if affected.

On my 60W blue and grey from OMTech, the top USB port was not functional. Connecting to the bottom USB resolved my issue. If you don’t hear the Windows audio ‘ding’ when a device connects and then see a device appear in Device Manager under "Ports (COM & LPT), then the issue is not with Lightburn but with the communication between your laser and PC.

Screenshot attached. Note that mine appears as COM3, but yours may be different.

The top port is for using a USB stick. The bottom port is for connecting to a computer. Mine are labeled “Udisc” and “PC”. Yours aren’t?

They definitely are, and now I feel quite the fool. I’ve become the end user I always complain about.

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You can rest assured you are not the only one who has learned that the hard way. :slight_smile:


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