New OMTech not connecting to MacBook Pro. I had to return my machine because it was defective. Meanwhile, I wanted to do the trial version and could not do that either. Can you help?

Error message: Lightburn does not support MacOS.

Where are you seeing this message? I can assure you, LightBurn works on Macs.

You should find the Mac version of the trial here:

(sample image)

Yes, I downloaded it from your website using the Mac version. Entered my license number, downloaded and my computer was able to talk to the machine. It wasn’t until I tried to calibrate the lens that I received the error message. I realized the top of the glass was defective, so I’m in the process of ordering a new machine. So I tried to download the Trial version. It would not let me without connecting to a machine which I do not have. I’m not sure what the next step is.

Go to Help–>License Management and Deactivate the key. This should then allow you to start a trial. If your trial has expired, copy and paste the trial key here, not your License key (keep private - it has value :wink: ), and we can extend it for you.

I am still not clear as to where you saw that message, as the wording is not something I am aware of.

As for working without a machine, we try to assist folks with a simple setup process and need to be connected to do so. No worries, as you are not boxed in a corner, we have a way you can move forward. I believe the Device Profile(s) you have created should still be available to you, but if not, please review the following:

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