New One on ME. Image resized in burn, but not on display

Chinese x700 ruida 80w. Had set up this job and tried 2x to get this to come out, but the gloves image is getting compressed somehow as well as those streaks where it fades is actually the laser not firing, I tested by placing paper in front of the head and even tried moving to work piece as though there was a misalignment but the beam isn’t firing there, Unsure of the cause

Check to make sure you didn’t enable the rotary setting accidentally. That would affect the Y scale.

I could understand that but this was the x being shortened on 2 separate attempts

the pic shows correct alignment on ruida

Which version of LightBurn are you running? There was an issue at one point with angled scans or rotated images that were scaled differently in X and Y causing issues like this, but it’s been fixed.

the newest, but will try to send you the .lbrn file to look at