New Ortur LM2 not working, Y axis juddering

Hi, I’m completely new to lasers but I set up my Laser Master 2 20w today and I just can’t get it to work.

The Y axis on the right hand side tries to keep going on startup and just judders indefinitely as it has nowhere to go.The left hand side is hitting the switch but it’s just not stopping the motor.

I’ve tired swapping the red and black wires around and this seems to fix the problem with the switch but then I just get alarm 2 notifications in LightBurn.

I’m a mac user and can connect the machine to lightburn, some of the time, but neither axis will move, laser wont fire, the machine just sits idle and i get an Alarm 2 message in the console. I’ve triple checked the wiring with the manual and Youtube setup videos and it all seems to be in order.

It’s a brand new machine that arrived this week so it doesn’t appear to be a firmware issue.

Any help would be appreciated as I really need to get the laser up and running as soon as possible.

Seems you might have a wiring issue on your hands
Could you please send
Image of your wiring at Motherboard
Image of your wirhg at the 2 white plugs behind the X gantry
Image of the wires at each stepper

Of course, Here are the pictures of the wiring.

I dont see much wrong with wire position except your stepper cable dont seem fully plugged in

Could you add a picture taken from above with head at 0x0 hitting the Y limit switch please?

This is what happens when I switch it on and it tries to home. It hits the limiter switch but nothing happens and the right hand side tries to continue moving.
Also, If I manually press the limiter switch it doesn’t work. The only way the limiter switch actually engages is if i move the red and black wires to different positions but then nothing else works.

I’ve made sure the stepper cable is all the way in and this doesn’t have any effect.

Hi, have you fixed your problem? I received my machine today and experienced the same problem, couldn’t find the way to fix it :frowning_face:

Your frame is compleatly off square:
Also both your Y belts need to be way way tighter
I would sugest moving gantry to the very back, square it so wheels touch both ends of the frame at equal distance
Tighten belts
Your X belt is under the sproket, If you notice at the laser head?
It should go Under wheel. > Over the scproket → under wheel