New phone stand today

(Allen Massey) #1

1/4 inch cherry.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

I like that. Will have to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

(Frederick Heim) #3

it is important to start the day with a brief set of instructions and a goal.
Well done.

(Allen Massey) #4

Here is a copy of the file, if you want to use it.

Todays List Phone Stand.lbrn (762.3 KB)

(Anthony Bolgar) #5

Thank you. I was just about to start drawing it up. But why reinvent the wheel?

(dermot kenny) #6

so did you us paint, the text is very black,very nice

(Allen Massey) #7


Masked the wood, engraved and cut, then sprayed with Marsh Black Stencil paint. Removed the mask and sealed with clear enamel.

(BrutalVisualStudio) #8

… well… stabbing it not necessarily… “wrong”… :smile:

Cool work! :wink: