New power supply 40W stock to 60W Light object need help wiring

just received a new 60W power supply and I need some insight as to how to hook it up, not all of the pins match. going from the first posted image(old power supply) to the second(new power supply.
I have the FG/AC/AC/ complete on the left.
I have IN/5v/L on right complete.

I’m a bit lost on the k-k- and the IN5V / 24 slots and what needs to go there.

new 60W supply

I found this resource that may be helpful in your pursuit:

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I appreciate this, my only question is where does L-(cathode of laser) go on the bottom most image I uploaded?

Old power source has an L and and L-
new power source has L- only

In a drawing on that site I linked to, it appears that FG is Chassis Ground as well as the connection point for the Laser Tube Cathode connection.

L- goes in to FG then along with the wire that came form FG on the old board, am I reading this correct? one from the cathode, one form the chassis.
My brain is a little scrambled at the moment, bear with me.

I have no exposure to a K40 or a converted K40 with a smoothie or other type of controller, so I am only answering from the site I linked to. It looks like L- simply represents the lead from the ammeter. Tracing that up stream would be that L- lead, ammeter, tube cathode.

On my PSU, I have a specific wire connection designated for the cathode. But it could certainly be common to ground.

Yes, according to the drawing, FG and L- (from the machine) are common and both connected to FG on the PSU. Please do not run with my observation. You should validate this. This is just my interpretation of someone else’s work (in which that work could not be accurate). I do not know.

I completely understand. I think I’ve got it. we’ll flip it on and see shortly. thank you for the links

Be careful…

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I’m sorry to report that did not work, I’m not getting any power.
If anyone has a word to help out and get this stock 40W power bank swapped over to a 60W I would greatly appreciate it.

is there no test fire button? A link to the model of PSU helps.

If your HT is attached correctly to the tube and your L- is earthed, the test fire should fire - its pretty basic. Give it power, it’s going to fire. Keep an eye on the mA dial to ensure there’s actually something coming through.

This is the new 60W

Don, who’s blog was linked to hangs out here;


Maybe a dumb question but…
there’s one wire coming from the back of the psu unit im assuming thats ground correct?
I hate seeming this clueless but three were no instructions from light object in the box at all.

Is it white? If so, that’s most likely the cathode connection for the tube.

What’s the model number of the supply. Off the casing, not whatever lightobject call it.

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