New problem with the preview window

PROBLEM: Preview window not being displayed when preview button is clicked
Windows 10 with LightBurn version 9.24

I am sure this is related to something I have changed on my computer but I am not sure what it could be.

My windows boot drive failed a few days ago and I had to purchase a new drive and do a clean install of Windows 10. That means I had to reload all my software including LightBurn. SO now I have LightBurn 9.24 loaded and it opens perfectly and I was able to load my prefs file so it looks just like it did before the reinstall. But now when I try to preview the cut, I click the preview button and the main LightBurn window locks up just like it would if there was a new window being displayed BUT there is no other window visible! It is like Light thinks it is showing the preview window but it is not actually visible. I must press the escape key to return control back to the main LightBurn window. Again just like the window was being displayed.

I have checked all the usually suspects that prevent the Preview from being displayed (Absolute position selected and nothing is in the work area, nothing is selected with Cut Selected enabled, Output of layers set to Off etc) I even burned a test image to be sure everything else was working.

I have made the main LB window very small so I could check to see if the preview windows was appearing behind it, but that does not seem to be happening.

If I use the window button in LB to display my Art Library, that new window pops up normally. It is just the preview window that does not appear visible.

I have never seen this problem before and have exhausted all the trouble shooting I can think of, so if anyone has any suggestions I am anxious to solve this problem.

I found the problem (or at least a solution) , when I moved LightBurn to my second monitor (two monitors connected to the computer) the Preview widow is displayed correctly. When I moved it back to the primary monitor it started working correctly again.

If you press the Shift key when you click the Preview button, it will not restore it to the previously remembered location. It’s strange that it didn’t work - the code does check that the remembered window location is actually on screen and valid before trying to restore it.

I guess replacing everything it thought it knew was enough to confuse the code. When I moved LightBurn to the other monitor it must have reset where it wanted to place the preview window and it became visible again.

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